The Sunderland Collection comprises over 120 exquisite objects from c1200 to the early 19th Century. Featuring world maps, celestial maps, atlases, books of knowledge and globes, the Collection is a unique curation showcasing the evolution of knowledge, as well as a striking celebration of human exploration, discovery and sheer wonder.

The Collection was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Neil Sunderland, an avid traveller to remote places and a friend of high mountains who has been a passionate consultant and admirer of maps, diverse cultures and ideas for many years. While the Collection is now owned by Adinvest AG, Neil plays an ever-active role in supporting its goals and ensuring that each acquisition is of the highest quality.

As the Sunderland Collection continues to grow, we endeavour to include items that show a broader representation of cultural lenses and thought systems. Honouring human achievement and skills across the centuries, our vision is to be inclusive and dynamic, moving forward as part of a global community of engaged and curious travellers.

Our aim is to make the Collection as accessible as possible for enjoyment and study. We welcome enquiries and collaborations, as well as engagement with other collections, and academic institutions.

The journey of human discovery is ongoing – and it beckons!