Our Story

“This collection is a small contribution to a better understanding of human endeavour and the development of thought, a never-ending story.” - Neil Sunderland

The Sunderland Collection grew organically from a love of travel, as well as a fascination with maps, their contents, and how they’re made.

We began collecting antique maps of the world, and then moved into maps of the heavens. As the themes of the Collection developed, we acquired atlases, portolan charts, and a pair of floor globes.

The Sunderland Collection also features books of scientific theory that were seminal to the development of European cosmology and cartography, as well as historical chronicles and compendia. These fascinating records contain maps alongside contemporary illustrations of towns, daily life, flora, fauna, and celestial bodies.

The themes of the Collection are: human exploration and discovery, the evolution of knowledge across cultures, and the artistry of early cartography.

The Sunderland Collection continues to grow carefully. We strive to acquire items of the highest available quality, beauty and skill, and to remain focused on the Collection's themes.

We are delighted to provide access to the Sunderland Collection for contemplation, conversation, enjoyment, or study. We hope that you enjoy these objects as much as we treasure them.

For a full digital library and further material, visit the online home of The Sunderland Collection, Oculi Mundi.